Can’t figure out where your money is going? Feel like you should be doing better financially than you are? Don’t get that second job just yet!


This Book Will Pay for Itself! can help. Most of us really do have enough money to cover our monthly expenses and still have enough for a few guilty pleasures!
• Find out where your money is going by creating a sound budget.
• Learn how to find great bargains and sales on everything from music to vacations.
• Know when you should really buy something and when you should just walk away.

Author Andrew Thies is not a professional financial adviser—he’s a commercial artist—but his lifestyle speaks for itself! On a salary of less than 30k per year, Andrew has gone to Europe several times in the last five years, owns his own condo, put himself through school, and still have money in the bank! He can obviously handle his money!
You too can learn the difference between types of sales and how to use them to your advantage, the secret to clothes shopping without ever paying retail prices, and tips on saving money at the movies.